Our Approach to helping

While our goal is sustainable development, Mphatikizo does provide aid at times because the need can be so great.  But, at our core, we are working towards sustainable solutions -  local solutions to local problems. 

We work co-operatively with Malawian chiefs and local families and, together, we are building a future for the community that will sustain their own needs.

This means that we work with local people who work mostly on a voluntary basis – we help and guide and, where appropriate, provide some resources to enhance the local efforts.  This empowers the local villagers and ensures that they grow in their skills and confidence.



What is Mphatikizo’s approach to employing someone?

The Mphatikizo charity involves local volunteers, as well as people employed by the charity.  Those employed receive a modest wage based on local rates and their role targets services which are key to the work of Mphatikizo.  The approach of employing for specific roles provides benefits to both the individuals and the work of the charity.  The benefits are:

  • paid employment provides dignity to individuals by giving them meaning and purpose in paid employment rather than a handout,

  • employment provide a means of upskilling individuals so that they can increase their earning capacity for the future,

  • employing people increases the likelihood of the work of the charity being undertaken to the standard and consistency that we need for brining change to the community.

Mphatikizo has several projects underway and others in the planning stage.  When the project gets to the right point in time, individuals who show good promise are considered for employment.   Fairness and equality are core values of Mphatikizo, so the employment conditions we offer reflect the principles of a good employer that we enjoy in NZ.  For example, individuals are entitled to paid time off and sick leave.  This is usual for Malawi and, initially, is difficult for local people to get their heads around.


How can you help:

Over time, we aim to have local individuals undertake the key responsibilities in the work of the charity, and Mphatikizo will support them with training and guidance.  Eventually, we hope that the charity will earn enough income locally to fund their roles.  In the meantime, we hope that New Zealanders will support people in Malawi to do the work of the charity in their own community.  Examples of these roles are teachers, cook, home carer and gardeners.