Catch a glimpse of the Mphatikizo - a small charity with a big heart. Kiwi's working in the local community to help develop local solutions to local challenges. Sustainable community development in rural Malawi


a small charity with a big heart in Malawi



Mphatikizo runs three projects in partnership with local people. We believe that local people can achieve local solutions.


Community care

The Community Centre, which was finished in late 2017, is at the heart of the Mphatikizo.  While the Community Centre is a building, it more importantly is a place for where the community meet and where a number of activities of Mphatikizo are based.

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Sustainable agriculture

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The Mphatikizo Community center is situated on around two hectares of productive soil and there is also a natural spring close by.  Together, these provide excellent growing conditions. The market garden was started in mid 2017.

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Health and wellness


Living conditions for local Malawi are tough by our standards. The houses are small, and often leak in the rainy season.  There are significant issues with HIV with many children infected. Malaria is quite common as are a number of other diseases.

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